Kyle and Samantha

“At the beginning of January, Kyle and I were given a 30 day notice that the owner of our home was wanting to sell the house and had offered to sell it to us. We had not planned on moving for another year and didn’t qualify for a home loan, so we had no choice but to move. We searched for a few weeks and were worried that the market was not going to allow us to find a house like we had for a price we could afford, so we made the decision to downsize to an apartment and try to minimize our “need” for “things.”

We sold some furniture and donated A LOT of stuff that had been crowding and taking up space in every closet in our 3 bedroom home unnecessarily for years. In this same transition, my husband made the decision to sell his motorcycle and truck and purchase a gas efficient, low-maintenance and reliable vehicle! With the insurance savings from selling those two vehicles, we could afford a monthly payment of $150 for his car and still save!!

After our move, we worked really hard to deep clean the “old” house, so we could earn our deposit back. Luckily, we did!!!! But because we had budgeted with the cash budgeting system, we weren’t behind in ANY bills, so we decided to use the deposit in which we didn’t “miss” for 2 years to pay off 3 credit cards totaling a little over $1500!!!

We no longer have three separate payments on these cards, so we will be using that to apply to the other debt just as you taught us in the debt stacking system. I am looking forward to seeing you again and working with you for savings and retirement.

We’ve literally had so many changes in just one short month, but financially have FINALLY come out of the month-to-month struggle of feeling like we would never be financially secure. We still have a long road to go, but our goal this year is to minimize, keep things simple, stay strict on our budget, pay off debt, save for a home, and find creative ways to enjoy life. We have amazing friends who have gifted us really fun experiences… For example, we were gifted one day tickets to Disneyland for this weekend, and a way we are doing this with our budget is packing snacks and drinks from home and sandwiches to eat when we get hungry! Of course, we are just going to bring some cash for some extra goodies, but leaving cards at home!! I absolutely LOVE cash because I’m more reluctant to spend as I want to hold onto it longer. It’s been a fun challenge to figure it all out and see what works… and I thank the finance Family for caring so much to help us! Thank you!!”