Client Feedback

“As iron sharpens iron,
so one person sharpens another.” Proverbs 27:17

One area that Adam and I are constantly seeking to improve in is our finances. Years ago, before children or a owning a home, we took Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University, and learned so much, which we put into action, and were amazed at what we accomplished.

Almost 10 years, 2 babies, and one home later, our goals/incomes/lives have shifted dramatically and we have decided to refocus. I called on @beyond_the_bills to come over and help me get some new systems in place, and I’m so excited about what Aubrey had to share with me and the goals we are now setting in place! This creative brain of mine needed some iron to sharpen and give order.

One of our greatest desires is to live debt free (mortgage free in that too!) and to be a blessing to others. If you feel like that seems so impossible and far off, I can tell you it’s not. You just may need some outside perspective and guidance, and I couldn’t recommend anyone more than @beyond_the_bills!”

Adam and Kimberly

“Aubrey came to my home and spent HOURS with me working with our budget. She was so hands on, knowledgeable and most importantly, she made me COMFORTABLE. She molded to what type of a style I wanted and met our priorities. It was clear her agenda was for nothing other than to HELP our family. And her follow up since then has been tremendous! I know, without a doubt, she will always be there to answer any questions I have. So thankful for all that she taught me on how to save our money!! Knowing where our money is going and HOW has made all the difference. As it turns out, budgeting has brought us FREEDOM.”

Tycie and Tessa

“Go see Beyond the Bills! Go to a group workshop, do a one-on-one (like we did), you will not regret it, I promise! We have never been happier with figuring out our bills and savings since we went to see them! I now see my dream home in my future, and it wouldn’t be possible without the help from them. Meeting again for a follow-up to show where we’re at, and tighten any loose ends. Do it for yourself and your family… they help figuring out how to pay the bills, and still have money for family time! #helpingachieveourdream #dreamhomeinview #workingonbeingdebtfree #saveandspendwisely #greatworkshop”

Matthew and Shannon

“My husband and I recently attended Aubrey and Luke’s Budget Workshop and were amazed at all the useful information we received from it, not only did it help us to take a good hard look into our finances, but really showed us where we are spending our money and how we can start to cut back and start to save. We also learned new ways to have our money work for us instead of the other way around. They also gave us practical advice to finally get out of debt and live within our means. We are really excited to be starting this new road to financial freedom, and look forward to attending more classes in the future.”

Jim and Jaclyn

“We have done many courses before, but having a live meeting with Aubrey, a person who care so much about seeing others do well, is awesome. Having her as a coach is the missing piece we didn’t have before.”

Casey and Heather

“At the beginning of January, Kyle and I were given a 30 day notice that the owner of our home was wanting to sell the house and had offered to sell it to us. We had not planned on moving for another year and didn’t qualify for a home loan, so we had no choice but to move. We searched for a few weeks and were worried that the market was not going to allow us to find a house like we had for a price we could afford, so we made the decision to downsize to an apartment and try to minimize our “need” for “things.”

We sold some furniture and donated A LOT of stuff that had been crowding and taking up space in every closet in our 3 bedroom home unnecessarily for years. In this same transition, my husband made the decision to sell his motorcycle and truck and purchase a gas efficient, low-maintenance and reliable vehicle! With the insurance savings from selling those two vehicles, we could afford a monthly payment of $150 for his car and still save!!

After our move, we worked really hard to deep clean the “old” house, so we could earn our deposit back. Luckily, we did!!!! But because we had budgeted with the cash budgeting system, we weren’t behind in ANY bills, so we decided to use the deposit in which we didn’t “miss” for 2 years to pay off 3 credit cards totaling a little over $1500!!!

We no longer have three separate payments on these cards, so we will be using that to apply to the other debt just as you taught us in the debt stacking system. I am looking forward to seeing you again and working with you for savings and retirement.

We’ve literally had so many changes in just one short month, but financially have FINALLY come out of the month-to-month struggle of feeling like we would never be financially secure. We still have a long road to go, but our goal this year is to minimize, keep things simple, stay strict on our budget, pay off debt, save for a home, and find creative ways to enjoy life. We have amazing friends who have gifted us really fun experiences… For example, we were gifted one day tickets to Disneyland for this weekend, and a way we are doing this with our budget is packing snacks and drinks from home and sandwiches to eat when we get hungry! Of course, we are just going to bring some cash for some extra goodies, but leaving cards at home!! I absolutely LOVE cash because I’m more reluctant to spend as I want to hold onto it longer. It’s been a fun challenge to figure it all out and see what works… and I thank the finance Family for caring so much to help us! Thank you!!”

Kyle and Samantha

“Last month we met with Beyond the Bills to discuss our family’s financial goals, specifically hoping to learn more about using the cash system to help us stick with our budget. They walked us through a simple method of budgeting, as well as an overview of additional financial goals to plan for, and showed us how she uses the cash system with her family. We made our envelopes and stuck with our budget! We had tried using cash before and made it overly complicated. They encouraged us to try it again and to keep it simple. I found it was easier than I thought, and it really helped me evaluate decisions and not spend on things that weren’t of real value to us.”

Eric and Kerri

“Hi Aubrey, I just had to show you. I checked to see how we did in March and with your help, in just two weeks, look how much lower spending numbers were, within two weeks! It’ll be much better this month and forward of course. If you remember, our spending was $900+ and the grocery was almost $1000! I did the whole month of April and I am going to be able to pay off two of our debts completely, start our emergency fund, and stay on track with the bills. I can’t thank you enough for the help you gave me (us). I am already less stressed about all this.”

Matthew and Shannon

“Cannot believe the difference this “cash” budget has made in our lives! So much more freedom and peace and seriously… we have more money at the end of the month!!!! Thank you guys for igniting this for us!!”