Happy New Year!

For the past few months, we have taken a step back from the business. We have been going through some personal things, and felt that our focus needed to be on that. However, we are back… ready and eager to help people get financially organized!

The first thing we do when life happens, no matter what the situation is, we pray. We turn to Christ. We know that He has a plan, and we need to let him carry it out. However, I do not think God wants us to always sit back and let things happen to us. I believe, if we let Him, He instills in us the actions that we need to take to let His plan evolve. In other words… He opens the doors for us. Sometimes the door flings wide open, other times, it’s stuck and you have to push a little harder. Either way, we have to get it out of our heads that God just hands us what we need. He provides for us if we let Him, but He does not just hand us everything.

The past few months have been filled with A LOT of prayer, and our faith has truly been tested to the extreme. But as I mentioned above, God has a plan. It may not be the plan that we had pictured, but in the end, if you let Him work, His plan is always better than our own.

With everything that we have had going on, I cannot begin to tell you what a comfort it has been to have our finances in order. We kept with our budgeting, we did not get into any debt, and with all the uncertainties that we have experienced, the amount of stress that was taken off of us because we had our finances in line, was truly a blessing. God has instilled in us the actions we need to take to get financially stable, and it is our job to put that knowledge to work and apply it to our daily lives.

God doesn’t hand us everything. We have to work for things in life, put in the time, and put in the effort. We need to take the knowledge we are given and apply it. And we need to teach our children the same.

While we still have a lot to learn, and are still working through the steps to become completely financially stable, we know we need to continue working in order to let God do His plan in our lives.

Why not start the New Year off fresh?! Whether you were on a budget and financially organized, and stumbled a bit, or you have been wanting to get on a budget and financially organized, a New Year is a great place to start! Regardless of what has happened in the past, you can chose to control your future. We would love to help you get started!

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