Think Outside the Box

I am a “check it off the list” kind of person. From getting the laundry done, to the bathrooms cleaned, to going to the grocery store… these daily tasks become more like goals if I can check them off a list.

When it comes to finances, and life in general, it is extremely important to have goals written down, and posted in a place that will constantly remind you what your ultimate goals are. In our finance Family Packets, we include an “Our Family Goals” page for this very reason.

I was recently talking with one of our clients. They are newly married, and have been renting an apartment that they love… however, their ultimate goal is to save for a house. They have decided to part ways from their apartment, live in a less expensive situation for a limited period of time, stash as much money away as possible, and put themselves in a position in which they can check “Purchase Our Home” off their goals list. It takes sacrifice at times, a lot of work and effort, but if you’re willing to put in the time, your goals can be accomplished.

You may not be in a position that you can move, but that just means you need to come at your goals a different way. Sacrifice going out to eat as much, have a garage sale, cut lawns for a while, babysit… Think outside of the box when it comes to making money. What are your skills?

Right now, the number one goal on “Our Family Goals,” is building a fully funded emergency fund. We want to have the comfort of knowing we have an emergency fund in case an occasion arises that we cannot budget for. A broken air conditioner… a water heater than needs replacing… whatever might come, we want to be as prepared as possible.

So, we are working for it. Luke is picking-up more hours at work, I am taking photography jobs if they come up, and Luke has even decided to add a bit of woodworking into the mix! What’s funny about this, is that as soon as Luke decided to try to make some extra money woodworking, we get a call from one of our friends who does amazing interior decorating, Tara at the nest ( She needs a floating desk made for one of her clients. Perfect! God DOES provide! As I’m typing this, Luke is out there in the garage building this desk… Working to make our goals a reality.

Now the challenge.. We’ve included a checklist for you… Here it is…

  • Set Goal
  • Make Plan
  • Get to Work
  • Stick to it
  • Reach Goal

Keep us posted on your progress!!!

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