Why are we Doing this Business?

Years ago Luke and I were sitting in church. The pastor was talking about different nonprofit organizations, volunteering, etc. I remember he said, to find what your calling is, you have to find something that brings you to tears. There’s something inside of you that yearns to help. I was a bit disappointed. While there were a lot of things that pulled at my heartstrings, there was nothing that really seemed to grab me. I wanted to help people, but I wasn’t being drawn to anything specific. However… God likes to teach patience…

We have been listening to Dave Ramsey a lot lately. If you do not know who Dave Ramsey is, he is an extremely gifted financial advisor. He encourages people to live outside the norm by becoming debt free, and enjoying a life not being slave to credit card lenders, and other interest-greedy companies. On his radio show, he has people go on to do the “Debt Free Scream.” Once they have paid off all of their debt, they go on the show, tell their story, and at the end scream, “We’re debt free!!!!” Every time I hear that scream, I get a bit teary-eyed… I have found it. God has led us to what we are supposed to be doing.

When we sit with couples to try and show them how to become financially organized, we have no doubt we are doing what we are meant to do. To help people see that living paycheck to paycheck doesn’t have to be indefinite, and show them that they can become financially free… It’s exciting!

We know it’s not easy to become debt free, we understand that becoming financially stable takes time and patience, but we love it when people grasp the fact that they can do it. What eats at us the most, is when we come across those that feel like there is no way out, that they are not the ones that will ever become financially stable… It is all in the mind. The power of positive thinking, and the power of prayer can lead you to places you never dreamed of. We hope and pray every day that we can get people to realize this. Do not succumb to the negativity gnawing at you. Take control of your life, take control of your money, and know, without a doubt, that nothing is impossible.

Luke 16:11, “So if you have not been trustworthy in handling worldly wealth, who will trust you with true riches.” Money problems, any of lives’ problems, are not resolved by sitting back and waiting for something to happen. They are resolved when you take action. You face the beast in front of you, and you don’t back down until he’s gone.

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