it’s the Thought that counts

We know with Christmas around the corner, a lot of people are pushing their budgets to the extreme! It always seems that money is flying out the window during this month… from gifts, to Christmas trees, to Christmas parties, and everything in between. It truly is hard to keep up with it all, emotionally and financially. We are currently working on changing our take on it all.

We used to think that we needed to put a price on everything we purchased for people. For instance, friends’ gifts would be $20 per family, siblings would be $25 each, etc. However, we have realized that it is not the amount of money you spend that matters, it truly is the thought that matters.

I remember one year Luke gave me a Christmas gift. It was the year I was pregnant with our first child. He handed me a large Christmas gift bag. He told me, “These are things that remind me of you.” I cannot recall everything that was in the bag, but I remember how special I felt that every item in there truly was something that I would purchase myself. My husband knew me. I did not care at all how much he spent, all that mattered was that he thought of me with every item he purchased. It meant the world to me. One item I do remember was a blanket. He said, “I know you love blankets, and I know these are some of your favorite colors.” I will never get rid of that blanket. I love everything about it. It is not the amount, it is the thought… As you’re shopping this year, I know it’s hard, but try to remember that.

We also have two little ones… Landon is almost three and Kinsley is almost one. Luke and I want to give them the world… and then some! But, we have decided that this year they get three special gifts from Santa Claus, and one special gift from Daddy and Mommy. Believe me when I say that we know it’s difficult to not buy every toy they see that makes their face light up. We want to make them happy in every way. But we also understand that toys can and do pileup, and most of the time, a quarter of them are actually played with. A few thought-out gifts can mean more to them than a pile of gifts.

When I was growing-up, I was extremely blessed with loving parents. What’s funny is that there are two Christmases that I remember vividly as a child. One was when my sisters and I received just three special Christmas gifts, they were supposed to represent the three gifts that Christ received when he was born. I will never forget that Christmas. The other Christmas I distinctly recall is one my mom got a NordicTrack! I honestly am not sure what gifts I received that year, but I do remember that whole night we played with the box the NordicTrack came in!

We know it’s not easy… But really try to remember the reason for the season. It’s Christ’s birthday. Try not to get too caught-up in the amount you spend, focus on each person you’re buying for, and really try to figure-out that one special gift that represents them.

2 thoughts on “it’s the Thought that counts

  1. Very well said! And it is so true a great Christmas doesn’t have to be all about the almighty dollar it is FAMILY and Friends that make it special. To remember the reason for the season! And I just have to add one last comment. One of my favorite memories was one year your grandma and grandpa got a new refrigerator and all us kids had the best time playing in that box, it is one of my favorite memories of growing up! A box! It really is easy to keep kids happy! (Bubbles are another great way to keep kids laughing all day long) Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! ❤


    1. Thank you so much Susan! Really appreciate all of your support with this! And I love your story about your favorite Christmas memory! Those boxes bring hours of fun and a lot of great memories! Thank you also for the bubbles idea! Love hearing ideas like this!!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too! Thank you for everything!!!


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